Life on board

Dramatic events / Memories

An adventure on the Express La Dolce Vita promises the most memorable experiences.

On the program: surprise ballets, changes of scenery and scintillating storytelling.

Private service

The art of travel à la Orient Express La Dolce Vita begins with a mysterious email sent following your reservation. A virtual envelope sealed with wax invites you to contact our Private Concierge who will help you to prepare and personalize your trip. As the grand departure approaches, the concierge collects every traveler’s preferences and elegantly tailors his recommendations accordingly.

The Orient Express La Dolce Vita ballet

While waiting for departure, the Guest Experience Manager, your very own Orient Express personal concierge, will take you to the Orient Express La Dolce Vita Lounge to watch a mysterious ballet, where the most beautiful travel objects parade before your eyes, where Turkish guitars set the mood, where you can savor Italian sweets and enjoy a few glasses of "acqua frizzante" and Spritz. A few minutes before departure, meet on the quay for a hail of honor from the crew.

The players' lounge

In the Bar Car, you can listen to live Italian music, share a drink, a cocktail or a snack and indulge in the art of gambling. This is the place to be for lovers of Scopa, an Italian-style card game, chess, backgammon where "travel items" are also available for sale and where you can meet for - and even organize your own - tournaments.

Stay on track...

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“The Great Transformation”

The Orient Express La Dolce Vita is transformed when night falls. Announced over the loudspeakers, the “Great Transformation” to bedtime shakes up the vibes on the train. The lights dim. The decor changes. In the Salon and in the corridors, a subtle choreography takes place. The pianist plays a new repertoire. The crew members wear bow ties (the men) and scarves (the women). And in the Bar Car, the train’s sommelier prepares magical elixirs and food pairings.

Le Grand Soir

Here comes le Grand Soir, the Big Night, aka the flagship evening event of the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. In the cabins, the Orient Express staff offer style advice to anyone who wants it. A handwritten letter invites you to head to the restaurant for the launch of the evening. It all begins with a story, that of the meeting between East and West, through its legends and fables told throughout the menu. Between each dish, a Storyteller hops from table to table and reveals other secrets and mysteries of the world...

The Travel Book

Because memories are life, Orient Express offers you a Travel Book where you can insert photos, postcards, menus, and a few paragraphs dedicated to the stories of your adventures on board. Each Travel Book is equipped with a QR code that can be activated after the trip, giving access to the Nomads program and to content including details of the chosen itinerary, the trip's playlist, recipes... and the option to take advantage of exclusive offers (access to pre-sales, private events, and future reservations for our trains and hotels)

The Farewell Ceremony

On the loudspeakers, the arrival time is announced. The baggage handlers are busy between the cars. And as an "ultimo recordo", a photographer immortalizes your last moments on board the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. The final moment of the journey, the farewell ceremony takes travelers through a warm and theatrical procession of honor to the tune of joyful Italian music. Say a last goodbye to the driver who will give you a letter written in Italian, to be opened whenever you want.