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Sydney Lumet yesterday, Kenneth Branagh and Sarah Moon more recently: the Orient Express cars provide a backdrop embodying the golden age of travel, an enduring source of inspiration. Today, the silhouette of the famous cars, the midnight blue livery with golden yellow details, the glitzy Art Deco interiors of the seven historic Orient Express cars can be hired for filming or photoshoots. inviting further trips and further reveries.

In search of the Orient Express

This documentary co-produced by Arte France and BBC Studios France traces the epic story of the most famous train in the world, initiated during an industrial, technological and aesthetic revolution.

Fashion Eye Orient Express by Sarah Moon

For the Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye collection, French photographer Sarah Moon embarks on the Orient Express and renders a striking dreamlike image.

The Orient Express, from history to legend

A look at unpublished archives, this beautiful book from Éditions Albin Michel invites you to discover historic cars, a testament to the legendary history of the Orient Express.


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