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Today, the Orient Express designs exclusively private tailor-made adventures according to each specific request. Adapted to a specific destination and a specifically-designed programme, the luxurious decor of the seven traditional cars will transform every exclusively private event into an unexpected adventure. Guests will embark on a delightfully unusual journey as the landscape rolls by the windows of the parlour cars, bar cars and dining cars.

The wonderful thing about great journeys is that the enchantment begins before you even depart.
Open the atlas, dream about maps. Repeat the magnificent names of unknown cities…
Joseph Kessel
La Vallée des rubis

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Exclusively private, the event-trip begins at the station of your choice on a private platform with access to the Orient Express cars. You can stay at the station or go to the destination you have selected for a unique trip on the Normandy coast, the banks of the Loire, Champagne, the Côte d’Azur or elsewhere to other destinations. With a network of exceptional partners, the Orient Express will assist you at each stage to create a unique experience designed just for you.


Boarding the Orient Express is a dream, and want to know more about our trips and events?

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