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Be persistent / Be daring

For the first hotel of its collection, Orient Express looked to Bangkok as a destination. Standing at the gateway to mystical Asia, the Thai capital combines tradition and innovation in a harmonious yet bold blend. Beyond luxury, the Orient Express has always stood for cutting-edge engineering and technology, it was therefore evident that the first hotel had to be established in the ultra-modern setting of King Power Mahanakhon. This new chapter reinvents the legendary train's spirit of luxury and adventure for 21st-century travellers.

Imagine / Innovate

MahaNakhon Tower – which means "metropolis" in Thai – enhances the stunning Bangkok skyline with its daring design. Architect Ole Scheeren's vision plays with concepts of geometry and digital imagery. The glass-covered skyscraper appears to be a twisting computer projection, with a band of pixel-like windows creating an impression of movement. This thoroughly modern structure is now home to the first hotel in the Orient Express collection.

Discover / Contemplate

Architect Tristan Auer designed the MahaNakhon hotel as a journey in itself – combining Thai and French artistic styles and themes. Decorations using lacquer, silk, ceramics and basketwork echo the marquetry, trimmings and cabinetwork in the rooms, inviting visitors to discover, contemplate and delight in their surroundings. As the day moves from early morning to nightfall, the atmosphere changes imperceptibly, evoking elegance and mystery. From the rooftop pool with views over the bustling city to the two gastronomic restaurants and the 154 rooms with their lush green balconies, not forgetting the spa and two bars, each part of the hotel is designed to rediscover the magic of the Orient Express.
The Orient Express MahaNakhon provides a singular passage to Bangkok.
It is a route to cracking the lacquer of an endlessly complex city.
It is a place to experience the most enchanting and luxurious sensations it can evoke.
It is a way for the curious to grasp what makes Bangkok what it is.

Arriving soon

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100° 31' 45.714" E