Invent / Reinvent

For the past 140 years, Orient Express has been sublimating the Art of Travel with luxury trains, unique experiences and collections of rare objects. And soon the heritage of this legendary train will be transported to a collection of hotels around the world. Introducing a new art de vivre, a different kind of journey that promises unforgettable moments along the way and the same destination since the beginning: to make dreams come true.


Once upon a time on the Orient Express

The Orient Express is stopping in Singapore for the first ever pop-up exhibition dedicated to its fantastical world where visitors are invited to embark on an unexpected journey through time.

High-Life and its stories

High-Life is the eyes of Orient Express. A lifestyle magazine, it embodies the spirit of travel and tells stories for the dreamers among us.
I have never seen anything more remarkable than this odyssey, the dust of which still coats my hat.
Edmond About
De Pontoise à Stamboul – Description of the inaugural voyage of the Orient-Express in 1883.

The Orient Express legacy

Learn more about the story of Orient Express. Discover its historical, artistic and cultural heritage whose roots continue to define its future.

Imaginative Luxury hotels

Orient Express will soon open the doors to its first hotels, home to an Art of Travel inspired by the luxurious services of the original train and fueled by creativity.

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