Invent / Reinvent

140 years ago, a luxury train went across Europe to the edges of the Orient, uniting territories and cultures: the Orient Express. Today, the adventure begins with beautiful escapes aboard restored historic cars, and continues in rare hotels and precious finds. Both intimate and warm, elegant and creative, each moment is a unique experience, an adventure in its own right, illustrating the reinvented art of travel.

Once upon a time on the Orient Express

The Orient Express stops in Singapore for the first pop-up exhibition dedicated to its fantastic universe. An unexpected journey through time.

High-Life and its stories

High-Life on the Orient Express. The embodiment of a voyage state of mind, High-Life reveals surprising adventures every day.
I have never seen anything more remarkable than this odyssey, the dust of which still coats my hat.
Edmond About
De Pontoise à Stamboul – Description of the inaugural voyage of the Orient-Express in 1883.

The new art of travel

With a unique aesthetic and a desire for escape, the Orient Express invites you to discover a new way of travelling, living and seeing the world: a culture.

Unique hotels for romantic luxury

Inspired by the unique luxury of the original train, Orient Express hotels illustrate the art of travel that's both innovative and romantic.

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