An legendary voyage to uncover the wonders and secrets of Venice. Followed by an exploration of Portofino, a charming village on the Italian Riviera, before returning to Rome, the Eternal City.

From Rome to Monferrato, enjoy an array of the Italian wonders of Piedmont. And as a final touch, savor the exquisite truffles and fine wine.

A journey along the coast of Sicily. From Palermo to the wonders of Maratea, the sea, and spectacular beaches.

A coastal odyssey to Sicily’s shores, venturing through Maratea, the “City of 44 churches,” with its azure Mediterranean vistas and idyllic beaches.

A grand expedition unveiling the marvels and mysteries of Venice, followed by an immersion in Siena, a Tuscan gem, before concluding in Rome, the Eternal City.

From Rome, set off to discover the splendors of Matera and its UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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