Reinventing the heritage
of the Orient Express

Persist / Dare

Orient Express is continuing a rare heritage, benefitting from an exceptional history and legacy to offer exclusive experiences aboard its historic cars. Orient Express explores the art of travel and reinterprets it in luxury hotels and through a line of precious objects. Just like the panoramas that reveal their wonders beyond the train windows, Orient Express creates infinite interior landscapes. Journeys to Elsewhere invite further reveries, inspirations and stories.

Orient Express creates journeys to Elsewhere leading to further reveries, inspirations and stories.

Leave / Return

Orient Express hotels are rare locations designed as havens of luxury and serenity. The Art Deco style is faithful to the spirit of the original train and establishes a dialogue with local crafts. Weaving invisible links, they promise stunning destinations where no stone is left unturned to make dreams come true.

Stroll / Dream

A legend during its lifetime, Orient Express is a testament to remarkable industrial and artistic history. The seven historic cars have been completely restored, evoking the luxury trains of the early 20th century. Now classified historical monuments, 21st-century travellers are invited to discover these emblems of the past in the Art Deco style.

Imagine / Innovate

Offering a different perception of time and geography, the fruit of a legend woven from landscapes, settings and encounters, Orient Express invites you to follow an art de vivre illustrated in a collection of precious objects. Creating a bridge between Western sophistication and Eastern grace, adopting cutting-edge technologies alongside ancestral crafts, perpetuating the avant-garde spirit of the original train.

Learn / Explore

The history of the Orient Express is an epic story of technical, industrial and artistic advancement that began in 1867 at the initiative of a young visionary engineer, Georges Nagelmakers. His project: allow travellers to reach the edges of the Orient in a single journey aboard a luxury train. In 1883, the first Paris-Istanbul route was a success. Inventing a new art of travelling, it heralded the birth of a legend where real and imaginary heroes meet.