Emiliano Salci of Dimorestudio : “In my dreams, I would invite on board: David Bowie, Coco Chanel, Eileen Gray, Hedi Slimane, Miuccia Prada…”

December 2021

Dream / Fantasize

Emiliano Salci is one of the brains behind the Dimorestudio duo alongside partner Britt Moran. Together, they dream up the decor of apartments, villas and hotels like the greatest scenes in a movie. Their spaces are full of soul, always chic and fuse vintage spirit with contemporary creation. A fan of Carlo Scarpa and Gio Ponti, Emiliano Salci is now adorning the cars of the next Orient Express train La Dolce Vita. Before boarding, the architect and designer answered our questionnaire.

High Life : Who is the best travel companion?  


Emiliano Salci : Britt Moran.  


HL : Is there one trip that has left a mark on your life forever?  


E.S : There are actually two. One is my first trip to New York City when I was 20 years old. The other is Istanbul. They are two completely opposite cities but both beautiful. 


HL : What is the object that never leaves you during travel?  


E.S : I never leave without a book to read.  


HL : What music/song would you listen to on board the Orient Express Dolce Vita train?  


E.S : Nothing Compares to You by Jimmy Scott.  


HL : Are there any sounds from a train station that you like?  


E.S : I love the announcements, when the speaker announces the train arriving at the platform.  


HL : What bothers you when traveling?  


E.S : The fact that traveling is not as immediate as it used to be. Especially when traveling by plane, you have to arrive hours in advance !

HL : How will you sleep aboard Orient Express Dolce Vita trains?  


E.S : I will wear a light blue Prada pajama.  


HL : If you had to create the ultimate train car, which characters – dead or alive – would you invite for a dinner on board?  


E.S : David Bowie, Coco Chanel, Eileen Gray, Hedi Slimane, Miuccia Prada.  


HL : What would you talk about?  


E.S : We would talk about our work and we would have personal conversations. I would like to hear their point of view on different topics.  


HL : In 2869, how will you imagine the way people travel?  


E.S : Perhaps we will no longer travel for work but will sort of be teletransported. Traditional traveling will be something we will only do for pleasure.  


HL : Why will you never leave Italy?  


E.S : For the food, for the ever changing landscapes, for the art, for the climate. And then because I am Italian.  


HL : What is the first thing you do when you arrive in Rome?  


E.S : I go on eternal walks without a destination in the old city. And then I stop at Da Gino where I can have the best cacio e pepe or carbonara in town.  

© Orient Express La Dolce Vita renderings by Dimorestudio

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