Morocco on edge, by Gustaf von Arbin

February 2021

Travel / Capture

The adventures of photographer and illustrator Gustaf Von Arbin in Morocco.

Photographer : Gustaf von Arbin
Illustrator : Gustaf von Arbin

Living life to its fullest

Gustaf von Arbin is an artist. An illustrator, a painter, a storyteller and a surfer. Originally from Stockholm, he now lives in Milan. He creates installations and arty window displays collaborating with major fashion houses, contributes to magazines with his signature illustration style, designs music album covers and books, yet his true obsession remains his sketchbook and brushes.


He is rarely seen without them since he was a little boy. He keeps them on hand and ready for even the slightest moment of inspiration. As soon as the light hits just the right place, his brushes are out and ready. He borrows landscapes from nature, narrows in on details, meditates on objects, and plays with imperfections. Above all, Gustaf enjoys telling stories. He escapes reality through travel, whether that is on the other side of the street or the other side of the world.

The Flavors of Taghazout and Marrakech

He first discovered Taghazout, Morocco alongside a beautiful woman. He surfed the waves along the beaches and explored Morocco’s rural life. Just a few months later, Gustaf returned to Morocco, this time to Marrakech. The fusion of lights, colors, authentic tastes and sounds from the Medina left an indelible impression on his spirit. He takes the flavors of mint tea, the scent of paper money, the smells of tagine, the richness of textiles, the chaotic energy of the souk, nature and roses and transforms them into vibrant watercolor. He infuses his paintings with photography, but never stays too close to reality. His drawings, like his photographs, each capture a moment, an instant of life. They are time capsules that remind us of a memory, evoke an aroma or recreate the ambiance of the sun setting on Marrakech. His art is an invitation into a parallel world marked by sweet, joyful nostalgia, always with a touch of romanticism.


Gustaf von Arbin has exhibited his work between Stockholm and Los Angeles, and he is now preparing his new show in Italy.

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