Room with a view, La Horde’s hypnotic ballet

February 2021

Fly / Dance

High is a space of breathing, dreaming and freedom. Inspired by the engineering, the rhythm and power of Orient-Express trains, High invites you to feel the energy of movement through several different disciplines. Episode 1: The organic dance of La Horde’s ballet.

One last rave before the apocalypse

This show created by the electronic music composer Rone and the collective La Horde at the head of the Marseille National Ballet, Room with a view* explores the forms of uprising, protest and revolt through dance against a background of techno beats. In a marble quarry, a on the outskirts of the world, a horde of ravers pushes the limits of physical expression, drawing inspiration from circus techniques and urban movement to make the beauty of chaos dance in a hopeful atmosphere. An electro piece bursting with energy and the opportunity for the DJ and artist Rone to launch a new album, Room with a view (Label Infiné).


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