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In 1883, Georges Nagelmackers created a legendary train: the Orient-Express. On the journey from Paris to Constantinople, High-Life magazine was distributed to travelers, and focused on the cities of the world, artistic life and craftsmanship.

Today, High-Life has come back to life. Inside, find an exploration of the world through the eyes of a new generation of artists and photographers, intimate interviews with artisans and travel lovers, stories that take a long day’ s journey into night and after midnight, stories reserved for the dreamers among us.


Anthony Guerrée's unusual adventure: to design chairs inspired by the characters created by Marcel Proust.

Marisa Berenson: “The Orient-Express, a journey to find peace”

She's "the girl of the seventies". Let's meet with Marisa Berenson in her favourite city, Marrakech.

Eugène Atget, Voir Paris in 8 photos

A zoom in on 8 photos of Old Paris, by Eugène Atget.

Saint Petersburg through Viktor Balaguer’s eyes

Viktor Balaguer photographs all the melancholy and charm of St. Petersburg.

Dita Von Teese : “What I miss the most is traveling!”

She’s a glamour icon inspired by Betty Page, the queen of burlesque. Let's meet with Dita von Teese.

Colin de Tonnac & The Art of crafting time

Meet Colin de Tonnac, craftsman and master of "watchmaking upcycling".

When paintings come to life and dance…

High is a space for breathing, dreaming and freedom. In this second episode, discover the organic and hypnotic paintings of Silvère Jarrosson.

Ode to a robe

We disrobe this travel garment par excellence. By Pierre Léonforté.

In the heart of the Cyclades, the island that never sleeps

From bewitching Rebetiko songs with electronic echoes to torchlit walks, nights on this small island in the Cyclades make people sing out and dance without a care in the world.

Morocco on edge, by Gustaf von Arbin

The adventures of photographer and illustrator Gustaf Von Arbin in Morocco.

Room with a view, La Horde’s hypnotic ballet

High is a space of breathing, dreaming and freedom. Episode 1: The organic dance of La Horde’s ballet.

Eyes Wide Shut

An essential for sleepy travelers, the night mask is the ultimate remedy for tired eyes and pale, fatigued faces. Here are High-Life’s picks for every night of the week.

The jewels of the Orient-Express

In 2011, the SNCF, bought seven historic cars from the 1920s and entrusted Orient Express with their complete restoration. They put the design in the hands of exceptional artisans.

Matisse in 3D

Launched as a way to celebrate the audacity and genius of painter Henri Matisse, Maison Matisse, revived by his heirs, showcases pieces meant to convey all of the artist’s poetry.

Christoph Niemann: “a train transforms chaos into a moment of poetry”

High-Life invites you to discover our global community of Travelers. Our first guest: illustrator Christopher Niemann.

Istanbul and its people by Pierre Belhassen

The story of a photographer in search of moments of grace. The photographer Pierre Belhassen adores Istanbul.

Orient-Express: Relive the legend in 10 photos

Published by Textuel and co-authored by historian Arthur Mettetal and exhibition curator Eva Gravayat, the book “Orient-Express & Co” unveils a never-before-seen photographic archive.