When paintings come to life and dance…

March 2021

Dancing / Creating

High is a space for breathing, dreaming and freedom. In this second episode, discover the organic and hypnotic paintings of Silvère Jarrosson.

He began his career as a young ballet student at the Paris Opera House, but Silvère Jarrosson had to put his dreams aside when an injury forced him to give up dancing. He took up painting instead and this abstract and lyrical art form allowed him to find a different way to express the creativity he once knew as a dancer.

Photograph : Alexis Allemand

Video : Gilles Bonnevialle Guillaume Cairou and the Didaxis company

Entry into the movement

Latvian director Toms Harjo’s documentary, filmed during an exhibition organized at the Academy of Fine Arts in Riga, Latvia, features Silvère Jarrosson who recounts his years devoted to dance. He talks about his career that was “an obvious choice” for him. That is, until the first pains set in, then a hip infection and a prosthesis that prevented him from dancing as he had before. After deciding to start over from scratch, his meeting with a painter friend opened up another field of possibilities for him. Inspired by the movements and the timelessness of this art form, he developed a unique, inspiring and transformative painting process called “action painting” – popular in New York in the 1950s – with his own lyrical and choreographed version that captures his sensations and emotions as a dancer. With a mastery of gestures and the art of precision, Silvère Jarrosson plays with balance and strength in motion to create works that are hypnotic, enchanting and deeply alive.

This spring, discover Silvère Jarrosson’s art in an exhibition at the Galerie d’Art Faidherbe in Paris (18, rue Jean Macé, Paris 11ème), alongside works from Olivier Debré, a major figure of lyrical abstraction, and on www.silvere-jarrosson.com.

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