Eyes Wide Shut

February 2021

Essential / Chic

An essential for sleepy travelers, the night mask is the ultimate remedy for tired eyes and pale, fatigued faces. Here are High-Life’s picks for every night of the week.

1. Monday

Like Joan Collins… in Dynasty, this pink silk pillow softens the complexion and does not hinder the effects of a good night cream.

55 € www.niche-beauty.com

2. Tuesday

Ultra chic, this mask combining mink fur and silk is stamped with the initials of the French luxury house Louis Vuitton.

750 € www.louisvuitton.com

3. Wednesday

For a royal respite , this mask is a nod to the Sun King and the tricolor cockade exclusively made for the Reunion of the national museums.

9.90 € www.boutiquesdemusees.fr

4. Thursday

With soothing lights, vibrations and voices, this connected self-hypnosis mask reduces stress levels and insomnia.

Hypnos 149 € www.dreaminzzz.com

5. Friday

Transform into Sleeping Beauty with this mask’s pure and innocent look, that of Alida Christina Assink by the Dutch painter Jan Adam Kruseman (1833).

15,25 € www.shubafactory.com

6. Saturday

Saturday. Enjoy striped elegance even at bedtime with this washed silk mask from Goop, the cult brand created by Gwyneth Paltrow.
19 € www.goop.com

7. Sunday

Time for a mustard and gold-colored velvet mask with satin elastic.

Blush, 18,50 € on www.blush-conceptstore.com

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