Life on board

Moving Performances / Memories

An adventure with La Dolce Vita Orient Express promises unforgettable experiences.
Expect captivating scenery changes and enchanting storytelling along the way.

Private service

The art of travel à la La Dolce Vita Orient Express begins with an email dispatched upon your reservation, beckoning you to contact our Private Concierge, who is poised to curate and customize your experience. As the grand departure approaches, your concierge meticulously gathers each traveler’s preferences, skillfully crafting tailored recommendations accordingly.

A Special La Dolce Vita Orient Express Welcome

While awaiting departure, your personal Guest Experience Manager will accompany you to the La Dolce Vita Orient Express Lounge, where you'll be greeted with special surprises and a distinctive welcome. You may also indulge in Italian delicacies, accompanied by a refreshing drink and Spritz cocktails. A few minutes before departure, join us on the platform for a ceremonial farewell from our crew.

Players' Lounge

In the Lounge Bar, guests can listen to live Italian music while savoring a drink and sampling delectable snacks. This is the place for the refined pursuit of gaming, with offerings including the beloved Italian card game Scopa, chess, and backgammon. Additionally, there is a selection of curated "travel items" available for purchase, and enthusiasts can convene for or even orchestrate their own tournaments.

“The Great Transformation”

As night descends upon La Dolce Vita Orient Express, the ambiance undergoes a captivating metamorphosis. Announced over the loudspeakers, the “Great Transformation” unfolds, altering the very essence of the atmosphere. Lights dim, the decor changes, and a subtle choreography ensues in the Lounge and corridors. A pianist unveils a new repertoire, while crew change some details. Meanwhile, in the Bar Car, the train’s sommelier prepares magical elixirs and culinary pairings.

Le Grand Soir

Enter Le Grand Soir, the pinnacle of evenings on board. In the cabins, La Dolce Vita Orient Express Attendants stand ready to offer style advice to those seeking sartorial guidance. A handwritten missive invites you to the restaurant, marking the commencement of the evening's festivities. It begins with a narrative, weaving the tale of East meeting West, enlivened by legends and fables throughout the menu. Between courses, a Storyteller meanders from table to table, unveiling further enigmas and mysteries of the world...

Travel Book

In tribute to the timeless essence of cherished memories, La Dolce Vita Orient Express offers you a Travel Book, a treasured place for the tales of your journey. Within its pages, immortalize moments with snapshots, postcards, culinary menus, and reflective narratives of your onboard escapades. Serving as both a guide to your visited destinations and a repository for your fondest memories, this Travel Book becomes an enduring companion of your voyage.

Farewell Ceremony

Arrival time is announced over the loudspeakers. Amidst the bustling baggage handlers, a final touch of elegance awaits: the "Ultimo Ricordo," where a photographer captures your last moments aboard La Dolce Vita Orient Express. As the journey draws to a close, travelers are treated to a heartfelt farewell ceremony, characterized by a vibrant and theatrical procession accompanied by joyful Italian melodies. Bid a fond adieu to the steward, who presents you with a letter written in Italian, to be opened at your leisure, preserving the essence of your unforgettable voyage.