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On October 4, 1883, the luxurious train left Gare de l’Est for the first Paris-Istanbul journey. The train was revolutionary in terms of comfort, the result of significant technological advances. The service on board was that of a palace, offering dining and the option to sleep and travel in a lavish setting. A legend during its lifetime, the Orient Express is a symbol of remarkable industrial and artistic history, inviting 21st-century travellers to behold its wonders.

Climb aboard

Today, the Orient Express has seven fully restored cars dating from the end of the 1920s, faithfully reflecting the Art Deco style of the period.

Tailored travel

Classified historical monuments, the seven Orient Express cars can be privately booked, tailored to a specific destination and a custom programme.
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Yesterday / Today

Technology at the service of luxury and traveller well-being: the founding principle of the Orient Express. Technological and technical performance are combined with a decor featuring refined marquetry, glass panels, fabrics and luxury leathers. Finally, no detail is overlooked to ensure the passenger’s comfort in their car, with the amenities of a hotel and a restaurant, as well as the service of courteous and attentive staff.

Today’s passengers can rediscover the spirit of the Orient Express in fully restored historic cars. Whatever the destination, each journey is an opportunity to experience the legend: enjoy the charm of the parlour carriage at tea time, the luxury of the dining carriage for a gourmet meal by a renowned chef, the cosy comfort of the bar carriage for a cocktail by the piano. Attentive and discreet service will make this beautiful getaway an exceptional experience.

Capture the Orient Express

The cars of the Orient Express are a stunning backdrop for films or shoots, inviting further trips and further reveries.
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