Monferrato, vino & tartufo

From Rome to Monferrato, enjoy an array of the Italian wonders of Piedmont. And as a final touch, savor the exquisite truffles and fine wine.

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Day 1

La Dolce Vita Monferrato, vino & tartufo
As your adventure begins, La Dolce Vita Orient Express departs from Rome Ostiense, setting the stage for a memorable journey through Italy's landscapes and flavors. As evening descends, indulge in the elegance of Le Grand Soir dinner onboard, where the culinary masterpieces of our 3-Michelin starred Chef Heinz Beck create an unforgettable dining experience. Delight in the enchanting melodies of live music and entertainment.
As the night progresses, embrace the tranquility of the journey as you drift into a peaceful slumber, dreaming of the wonders yet to be discovered.

Day 2

Red wine bottles stacked on wooden racks
As the sun rises on the second day of your journey aboard La Dolce Vita Orient Express, start your day with a delightful Italian breakfast served onboard. Savor the aromas of freshly brewed coffee and the flavors of artisanal pastries, setting the stage for another day of culinary and cultural delights.
By mid-morning, the train arrives in Nizza Monferrato, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of Italy's wine country. You have the opportunity to embark on a journey of culinary exploration with a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Winery, where you can indulge in wine tasting and learn about the rich history of winemaking in the region. Then you can immerse yourself in the tradition of truffle hunting, uncovering these prized treasures amidst the scenic countryside where a truffle-based lunch awaits, showcasing the decadent flavors of this revered delicacy.
In the afternoon, bid farewell to Nizza Monferrato as the train departs for its next destination. As evening descends, enjoy a lavish dinner on-board accompanied by musical entertainment, adding to the ambiance of sophistication and charm.
As night falls, drift into dreams filled with the memories of exquisite flavors and the anticipation of the journey ahead.

Day 3

Barbaresco village and Langhe vineyards at sunrise, Unesco World Heritage Site, Piedmont region, Italy, Europe.
As the sun illuminates the horizon on the third day of your journey aboard La Dolce Vita Orient Express, embrace the morning serenity with an Italian breakfast. Savor each sip of freshly brewed coffee and every bite of delectable pastries as you relish the final moments of luxury on-board.
The train pulls into Rome Ostiense, marking the conclusion of your unforgettable voyage. As you disembark, carry with you the cherished memories of indulgent dining, breathtaking scenery, and cultural immersion experienced throughout your journey aboard.

Rome - Nizza Monferrato - Rome

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